The Future of Colors

We are at a crucial moment in the fashion world, a crossroads where many professionals and consumers who want to leave are considering this path no sense of unbridled consumption and change.

Start walking again, easy, creating for real needs and above
do it in a more just and sustainable for the planet and for humans involved in production processes

We have reached a point where there is no accumulation of wealth, but accumulation excess. In many cases, what is being produced is rubbish: clothes that will never be dressed and they finished in containers ... or you take once or twice to be replaced by the

Tons of clothes at the smile that hides behind big quantities of natural resources, suffering and stress.

This is what we leave behind, we are rebelling to this madness to give way to a new paradigm, in which each individual will be displayed in a deep respect to himself, beyond fashion or stereotypes.

There is a taste for the return of more basic, more timeless pieces that last, in colorations also more peaceful, next to vibrant and dynamic colors.
There is no struggle, there is collaboration: classicism that is associated with multiculturalism,

It combined with contemporary rustic and ancient, the austere and essential swings the more minimalist and expressionless aspects and textures clear and imperfect

There is a feminization of masculinity and femininity is strong and moves over weakness and fussiness. The male is more sensitive and the woman gains power, the two energies are balanced.

The shirt is the favorite garment: immaculate white, batiste or satin, oxford, fil a fil or ribbed, all worth.

It is urbanizing rural and urban rustic falls for recovering the value of the artisan and manual, reaching almost to the primitive and ancestral; natural colors that are expressed in marked and inspired by nature, floral or vegetable textures drawings, prints and embroideries

The black by brown integer depth, very dark green with blue tinge, much more earthly and white it appears wrapped in an aura of spirituality and modesty.
These are some of the key trends for summer 2017, now you saw as you feel.

Elisabeth Muñoz Lopez - trend analyst and sustainable fashion expert